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Getting to Know Roland Beres, Idaho News 6

I've lived in Illinois, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Oregon, California and Washington State, but nothing can ever compare to the Treasure Valley. I spent six years in Boise back in the mid 90's. My wife and I didn't have kids then ... and we had a blast! But then I made the huge mistake of taking a job in Madison, Wisconsin. Sorry Cheeseheads, but you can't hold a candle to Idaho.

I remember watching the greatest college football game in history (the Fiesta Bowl in 2007 between BSU and Oklahoma) and thinking, Boise is finally on the map. Little did I know how true that was. I got a chance to return to work for Idaho News 6 in 2011, and I jumped at it. But I hardly recognized the place! Fortunately, all the things I loved were still there: The active lifestyle, the friendly people, the awesome weather (we have the most amazing skies) and of course, the chance to float the Boise River and ski at Bogus Basin.

So, where do I come from? Well, after attending the University of Oregon School of Journalism I took a job at a tiny bureau in Roseburg, Oregon. That was 1990.

Over three decades later, I'm still at it. I love digging into a story, asking the tough questions and holding people accountable. But hey, I'm not above having some fun along the way. Over the years I've skydived, drag-raced at Firebird Raceway, fed sharks from the back of a rolling semi-truck aquarium, flown with the Thunderbirds in an F-16, driven high powered dirt-track race cars, and gone 300 miles per hour in a jet powered dragster... just to name a few.

My wife Carol and I have two kids but we are "empty nesters" now. Ryan is at the University of Idaho and Vega is taking classes at BSU.

We've always been big on pets and our current menagerie includes a cat named Rhiannon, an old cranky Pug named Porter and the newest addition is a puppy pug/chihuahua mix (known as a Chug). We named him Auggie after Ogie Oglethorpe, the red haired "goon" in the classic hockey movie Slap Shot.

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