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Idaho News 6 anchor
Getting to know Don Nelson, Idaho News 6

Don Nelson has been a consistent and reassuring presence on Idaho News 6 since 1994. But, like many of us, he took the proverbial long and winding road to get here.

Don's over-the-air career began when "Dangermoon" (his disc jockey pseudonym) first plied his trade in the not-so-burgeoning metropolis of Rifle, Colorado; current population 9,202. Back then, well, let's just say that was before the boom. A half-dozen years later, Don traded a turntable for a teleprompter to co-anchor for a television station in Grand Junction, Colorado, and -- after fine-tuning his reporting chops and his downhill skiing technique -- accepted his current co-anchor position, where he'd be integral to building an Emmy Award-winning news team.

Don lives with his wife and two kids in Meridian … doing what pretty much everybody with a wife and two kids would do in Meridian, in addition to sitting on advisory boards for St. Luke's Hospital and the local Boys and Girls Club.

He also reminded us to mention that he once bowled an impressive 286! -- but asked us to forget that he was playing with his son's Wii video game at the time.

So, next time you see Don, just pretend we didn't mention that last detail, okay?

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