Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup champions preview coming season

Local broadcasts of most games available off air and on cable in Boise and Twin Falls
Posted at 3:26 PM, Oct 09, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — The Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup last year, and they're a favorite to repeat this year.

It's perfect timing, because this season ... Most of their regular season games will be televised on our new digital stations “Boise 6” and “Twin Falls 6.”

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The two announcers who will do the broadcasts are veterans of the booth who hope this will be a historic season for growing the team’s fan base in Idaho.

The Golden Knights are an aberration of good.

They made it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year... one of only three teams to ever do that.

And six years later they returned to win it all.

"It's been unbelievable any time your lucky enough to be around a team that's won the Stanley Cup or even makes a run for it. You're blessed," explains play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher. Goucher used to work for the legendary Boston Bruins and he's having a great time in the desert.

"Why would you put a team in the desert?" asks Goucher. "Well to win the Stanley Cup in 6 year of the franchise, that's why.

Warm weather teams haven't fared so well in the past, but Vegas is bucking the trend with a sports hungry fan base through Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

"I think Vegas has done a great job of coming here over the past three years they came three times building their fan base and I know a lot of our customers go down to watch the games," says Kory Scoran with Idaho Ice World.

Just this summer, team members visited Idaho Ice World to give the kids a first hand look at champions.

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Goucher's co-hort in the broadcast booth, former Stanley Cup champion Shane Hnidy says Idaho's 26 years of local hockey primed them for the Golden Knights.

"The "Steelies" are here so there's already a hockey market here and a popular one they're a successful team went to the finals this last season so there's fans here," says color commentator and former Stanley Cup Champion Shane Hnidy.

He and Goucher have a definite rapport.

"We like to have a lot of fun," says Hnidy. "We go back and forth a lot like hockey a lot of chirping but when the camera goes on we want to deliver an amazing product to our viewers."

Hnidy does have the benefit of lots of ice time where he took two pucks to the face, damaging his left eye.

"I played it along time," says Hnidy. " It's safer in the booth."

Both of them will be bringing the action to the new digital Boise Six and Twin Falls Six.

"It's kind of like back to the future because it's free t-v," explains Goucher. "Remember in the old days you put the t-v on and the game was there?"

And because the off air signal is not compressed, the video quality will be the best in high definition to follow the puck.