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Demolition of the collapsed Boise hangar moves forward

Wednesday was a quiet day but the removal of metal pieces continues this week
Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 19, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — It’s the day we knew would eventually come, the demolition of the hangar construction site at the Boise Airport. Since January 31st it has been a visual reminder of that day when three people were killed in the hangar collapse at the construction site.

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  • The demolition of the hangar wreckage began on Wednesday, June 19.
  • Big D Builders tells Idaho News 6 that the demolition could take six weeks.
  • The attorney representing the victims, Enrique Serna, is aware of the demolition

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

According to Big D Builders, the site has been released by OSHA, meaning they can start removing the massive metal beams, to be recycled.

I spoke with one local metal recycler who told me they cut the metal into smaller pieces for transport out of the city to a smelter where it will be melted down.

We asked Big D for an on-camera interview as well as the Jackson Jet Center where the hangar site is located, and both declined at this time. John Segale with Big D Builders told me it is expected to take up to six weeks before it’s complete.

I spoke with Enrique Serna who represents the families of two of the victims and he was aware of the demolition and will have more to say next week.

I asked the manager of a nearby gas station who serviced a lot of the workers who were employed there how he felt and just told me he was happy to see it being cleaned up.

OSHA has told Idaho News Six their investigation should be completed no later than the end of July.