Aaron von Ehlinger trial resumes, Jane Doe briefly takes the stand

von Ehlinger
Posted at 2:20 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 20:24:27-04

The trial for Aaron von Ehlinger is on-going and this story will continue to be updated.

The second day of the trial for Aaron von Ehlinger resumed Wednesday, where Jane Doe briefly took the stand to testify.

After several hours of testimony, Jane Doe took the stand. Doe said von Ehlinger gave her cookies and his phone number. Jane Doe said he later picked her up in front of the Statehouse to take her to dinner and after drove her to his apartment. Doe said "he scooped me up and took me to his bed" but told Judge Michael Reardon she "can't do this" and left the courtroom.

Prior to leaving the courtroom, Jane Doe was being asked about the assault in detail and and trouble focusing on the prosecuting attorney. After Jane Doe left the courthouse, Reardon decided to call the next witness to "not lose the day" and instructed the jury to not consider her testimony in future deliberation as if it never happened.

Jane Doe's mother testified Wednesday morning. Her mother said she got an early-morning phone call from Jane Doe, describing Jane Doe as sounding like she was crying and whispering. She said Jane Doe sounded scared and unsure what to do. She told Jane Doe to go into work and report it.

The jury was then dismissed following a discussion on the relevancy of doxxing in the case after the state painted a picture of her hesitancy to report the alleged assault. Judge Reardon later clarified he believes her mother cannot speak on the doxxing event and the information is only relevant from Jane Doe's testimony.

Several officials also testified Wednesday morning. Det. Monte Iverson with the Boise Police Department's Special Crimes Unit first took the stand, where he discussed physical differences between von Ehlinger and Jane Doe and went through the evidence including the sexual assault kit.

BPD's Det. Brandon Joseph with the Special Victims Unit took the stand and described Jane Doe as "emotional" during their first encounter. He said buckle swabs from von Ehlinger were then shown as evidence. Joseph said he also collected clothes worn during the encounter as well as text messages between von Ehlinger and Jane Doe.

The sexual assault kit was brought back up when Kierra Hughes with the ISP Forensic Lab took the stand. Hughes said the vaginal swab was insufficient for male DNA but some was detected and the oral swab was inconclusive. Hughes said a stomach swab taken from Jane Doe did show sufficient male DNA detected. When asked by the defense if the evidence proves a rape occured, Hughes said it only indicates the presence of male DNA.

The court recessed until 9 a.m. Thursday.

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The trial for the former Idaho lawmaker accused of raping a 19-year-old legislative intern began April 26.

Attorneys Tuesday asked potential jurors Monday about their political leanings and whether they saw news stories about the case. Aaron von Ehlinger has been charged with rape and penetration with a foreign object, both felonies, after a young Statehouse staffer reported that he raped her at his apartment after the two had dinner at a Boise restaurant.

At the time, von Ehlinger was a state representative from Lewiston. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry maximum penalties of life in prison.