Treasure Valley woman collecting hat donations for local chemo patients battling cancer

Posted at 10:09 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 00:09:57-05

To the average person, a simple hat doesn't carry much significance. But for those going through chemotherapy, a hat can be that one item that helps them feel a little more like themselves.

That's why one local woman is dedicating her holiday season to helping those in need.

"Some people approach it where they will rock the bald look. Other people, especially women but also men, are self-conscious of hair loss and the public, how they treat you and look at you, they don't want to be felt sorry for," Rebecka Basey said. "They don't want to be judged about what's going on in their personal lives."

Rebecka's ambitions started small last holiday season, reaching out to friends and family, hoping for 50 hats. She was excited to tally 318 donations ranging from cowboy hats and beanies to baseball caps and Halloween-themed donations.

"We had one person donate witches hats and other Halloween costume hats, but people approach it really differently. Someone with a sense of humor might want to wear a Wonder Woman cape and hat to their chemo treatment!" Basey said.

The inspiration to help those with cancer kits close to home for Rebecka. Her mother is battling the disease for the second time after being cancer-free for 27 years.

"It got to a point where my own mom wouldn't want to leave the house, even to check the mail, without something covering her head," Basey said.

Oh, and if you don't have hats at home? Not a problem. Rebecka has an Amazon Wishlist featuring a variety of inexpensive hats that can be purchased online, and shipped right to her door.

You'll also find a variety of yarn on the wish list, thanks to a group of local knitters volunteering to create homemade hats to donate.


You can make donations in person at drop-off boxes at the following locations:

POJOS -   7736 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704

Ste. Chapelle Winery -   19348 Lowell Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607

Hansen Rice Inc. -  1717 E Chisholm Dr, Nampa, ID 83687

Kuna Lumber -   175 School St, Kuna, ID 83634

McNabbs Tattoo and Fine Art  -    1505 S Five Mile Rd, Boise, ID 83709

By the end of the week all four Flying Pie Pizzeria locations will also have drop-off boxes.


To follow Rebecka's progress click here.

To shop on her online wishlist click here.