Caldwell PD officers cleared in 2015 shooting

Posted at 12:32 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 14:35:50-05

The Nampa Police Department has cleared three Caldwell Police officers of criminal charges after a shooting on November 29th, 2015.

Caldwell Police officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call at a home involving a suspect identified as Clifford O. Carter.

When the first officer arrived, police say that Carter got inside of a car and tried to run an officer over. The officer (who was not singled out in the press release) shot Carter as he continued out of the driveway.

Carter was hospitalized for several days following the incident.  He was booked into jail on December 2nd and charged with felony attempted strangulation, aggravated assault and domestic battery with traumatic injury in front of a child as well as misdemeanor DUI, intentional destruction of a telecommunications device and malicious injury to property.

Following the incident, the Critical Incident Task Force was brought in to investigate.  The CITF is comprised of several law enforcement agencies including Nampa Police, Caldwell Police, Homedale Police, Parma Police, Wilder Police, the Canyon and Owyhee Sheriff, Idaho State Police and Idaho Fish and Game.

The Nampa Police Department was appointed as the lead investigating agency with Nampa Police Seargent Don Peck being appointed as lead CITF investigator.

The final report was sent to the Owyhee County Prosecutor’s Office for an independent review.

After looking through the materials of the case, the Owyhee County Prosecutor’s Office determined that three Caldwell police officers did not commit any criminal charges in the incident.

Joshua Gallup (eight years of service), Levi Glynn (one year of service) and Eric Phillips (seven years of service) were all cleared of the shooting.

“The Nampa Police Department finds this conclusion consistent with the CITF investigation,”Seargent Peck said.