Local non-profit Artisans For Hope is still dealing with the aftermath of recent flooding

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 14, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — Local non-profit Artisans For Hopeis still dealing with the aftermath of the flooding caused by the massive storm in Boise last Tuesday.

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"The force of the water was so great that it knocked the door to the ground. I found it inside the building,” said Ellie McKinnon, Artisans for Hope Executive Director.

Currently, all you can hear are fans throughout the non-profit's workspace. Operating fully out of a basement in Boise, Artisans for Hope provides a space for refugees to learn and practice different types of fabric craft.

"Eleven countries are currently represented here, the people are courageous and talented," said McKinnon.

The Executive Director tells us this has, unfortunately, stopped them from just about everything.

"It stopped the classes, it stopped production, and of course, it stopped our showroom from being open to the public," said McKinnon.

The flooding has damaged the carpet, some fabric, sewing machine pedals, and possibly the drywall.

"We are doing testing on the walls to see if there is drywall damage. If there is, the restoration will be longer," said McKinnon.

The landlord of the building will be paying for all damage to the property and products. But as of now, all of the sewing machines, fabrics, and tools are being stored in one room as they wait to learn the extent of the damage.

" We will get through this. It set us back, but I'm sure we will get through this," said McKinnon.

Artisans for Hope expect repairs will take several weeks before they can continue to help the community.