Idaho State Capitol doing its part to conserve power during the heatwave

Statehouse lights off
Posted at 4:41 PM, Jun 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 17:44:27-04

BOISE, Idaho — With the current heatwave, Idaho Power is continuing to ask the community to cut back on their electrical use from the hours of 4-9 p.m. So the Idaho Statehouse Capitol Building is doing its part.

The Idaho Press reported the statehouse is making changes to its energy consumption over the next few days in order to trim back power usage and reduce the strain on the Idaho power grid.

To do so, the building has fewer lights on and is reducing the amount of air conditioning used in offices.

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Statehouse lights off

“As any visitors to the statehouse could see, we are decreasing the amount of lighting in the common areas of the statehouse,” Department of Administration Deputy Director Steve Bailey said.

The simple switch off the lights is reducing the statehouse’s lighting load by 50% in those common areas. The most noticeable difference will be the ‘wash lights’ at night.

“That essentially is the lighting that lights the entire capital in the evenings and there will be a distinct difference when that’s turned off,” Bailey said.

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The statehouse’s annual spending with Idaho Power is about $1.7 million, so by going dark, less energy will be consumed and reduce the strain on the power grid.

“Everything helps, so those are actually some of the tips we recommended,” Idaho Power Chief Operating Officer Adam Richins said. “And when you do those obviously that reduces the demand for energy which helps us make it through these tight times.”

“Their needs which are pretty clear and what they are asking citizens in the rest of the state to do. It was important to the governor and to the state to ensure we were taking the lead on that.”

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