How Treasure Valley schools are preventing students from falling behind while in quarantine

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Posted at 5:03 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 19:34:31-04

TREASURE VALLEY, Idaho — Treasure Valley students are a few weeks into the school year and already some are adjusting mask policies and even canceling classes for a few days.

Emmett School District announced Wednesday Carberry Elementary will be closed Thursday and Friday because of COVID-19 cases and quarantines.

Here’s the latest data on COVID-19 in our local schools:

  • Boise School District has 33 positive and probable cases and 1,361 students in quarantine.
  • Nampa has 54 cases.
  • West Ada has 169 active cases.
  • Kuna reported on Tuesday 68 total student cases and 519 student absences for a COVID-19-related reason

Each school district has a different policy for these students' schoolwork while they're in quarantine.

Nampa School District does not have a mask requirement and isn’t quarantining students, so if a parent self-quarantine’s their child they can request schoolwork be sent home.

Caldwell School District currently has a mask mandate through October 14 and follows Southwest District Health and CDC guidelines for quarantine. This means most students and staff won’t have to quarantine right now if they come in contact with someone who tests positive because they’re wearing masks.

For students who test positive and are in quarantine, Caldwell uses Google Classroom to make work available for students in quarantine.

“Right now every student has a Google Chromebook so if they are, you know need to quarantine or are out they can do their schoolwork through the google classroom,” Jessica Watts, the Communications Director for Caldwell School District.

As we’ve reported, West Ada School District has a mask mandate that parents can opt their child out of.

Students who come in close contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 have to quarantine if they're not masked. West Ada has remote options available for these students.

They get their work and can either participate in class virtually or get a recorded lesson through Microsoft Teams and See Saw.

Kuna School District is not currently requiring masks and is allowing students who come in contact with someone that tests positive to wear them, but will re-evaluate at the September 14 board of trustees meeting.

"When students need to be away for an extended time for an illness whether it’s COVID or maybe they’ve had an appendicitis or broke a leg, we have what’s called the learning management system so teachers post information there about the assignments,” Allison Westfall, the Kuna School District spokesperson said.

Boise School District has a mask mandate and is making schoolwork work available for students in quarantine through google classroom.

It's unclear what the protocols are for students in quarantine in Vallivue School Districts. We have reached out to the district, but have not heard back.