Chinook fishing season opens on Middle Fork of Clearwater River

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 17:00:13-04

Chinook fishing season is officially open on the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River.

Fish and Game Officials announced Thursday anglers will have the opportunity to harvest hatchery fish bound for the Selway river that are normally caught in the Lower Clearwater River.

The Lower Clearwater River did not have a Chinook season this spring.

"Over 1,200 hatchery spring Chinook salmon are destined for the Selway River where we have no ability to trap them and use them for brood stock," Clearwater Regional Fisheries Manager Joe DuPont said. "Because harvesting these fish will not affect how many fish we collect for brood, we decided it only makes sense to allow people to fish for them."

A fishing season on the South Fork of the Salmon River hasn't been proposed because the run seems to be too small to support fishing. Fisheries managers say they will continue to monitor fish counts over the dams and might still open a fishery if the run can support it.

If you're fishing on the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River, make sure you know the rules:

Fishing area: from the Nez Perce Reservation boundary (near mile post 79 US Highway 12) upstream to the confluence of the Selway and Lochsa rivers.

Closing Dates: Areas will be closed by Closure Order signed by the Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Fishing Days: Fishing for Chinook salmon in the Middle Fork Clearwater River will be open seven (7) days a week.

Fishing Hours: Fishing is permitted from 4:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time)

Bag limits:

* Daily = Four (4) Chinook Salmon, only two (2) of which may be adults.
* Possession = Twelve (12) Chinook Salmon, only six (6) of which may be adults.
* Anglers may retain any Chinook salmon with or without an intact adipose fin in the Middle Fork Clearwater River Chinook salmon fishery.

Other rules: Anglers must cease fishing for all Chinook salmon (including jacks) once they have retained their daily, possession or season limit of adult Chinook salmon or their overall daily, possession, or season limit of Chinook salmon of any size, whichever comes first.

Season Limit, statewide:

No person may take more than ten (10) adult Chinook Salmon statewide during 2019 salmon seasons occurring prior to August 13, 2019.

Definitions pertaining to limits:

Adult Chinook Salmon are defined as any Chinook salmon greater than or equal to 24 inches in length.

Jack Chinook Salmon are defined as any Chinook salmon less than 24 inches in length.

Use of bait: Fishing with bait for Chinook salmon is allowed on the Middle Fork Clearwater River.