Boise Fire and Rescue uses E-motorcycles to help river rescues

Boise Fire E-motorcycles on Greenbelt
Posted at 5:49 PM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 19:54:28-04

Boise Fire and Rescue has already pulled two people out of the swollen and fast running Boise River this spring — with hot weather and the official floating season right around the corner, they're likely to be much more busy soon. But they have a new tool to help them get to emergencies faster: e-motorcycles.

One of the difficulties of rescuing people on the Boise River is just finding them. Often, it's a 911 call from someone who has no idea where they are on the river, so finding the spot and getting there fast is critical — and motorcycles make it easy.

"They are part of the BFD response unit out here," said Paul Roberts, division chief of special operations for Boise Fire. "If you see a motorcycle running up and down, it's probably us and we're doing recon or we're maybe working with a boat on river to affect a rescue."

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Motorcycles on the Greenbelt might seem like an invitation to outrage in Boise, but these are no hogs.

"Those are electric so they're pretty quiet and pretty un-intrusive to the public," said Roberts.

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Electric doesn't mean slow. These bikes, which have been used for years in the foothills, can really move.

"They carry a compliment of rope rescue and water rescue equipment to effect anything else they come on," said Roberts.

If you see a quiet motorcycle on the greenbelt, know it's either a recon trip or Boise Fire is on its way to save a life.