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Heyburn Officer's actions found to be justified in dog shooting incident Memorial Day weekend

Posted at 11:36 AM, Aug 11, 2023

HEYBURN, Idaho — The Heyburn Police Department released the results of the independent investigation looking into the incident of an officer who shot and killed two dogs along I-84 in May.

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The investigation was spearheaded by the Jerome Police Department as part of the Magic Valley Regional Critical Incident Task Force and concluded that the officer's actions were justified.

Two citizens had tried to wrangle the loose dogs on the interstate without success on May 27, 2023, just before 6:00pm. When officers arrived on the scene, attempts to capture the dogs, or at least get them to safety, were also unsuccessful.

Concerns for traffic safety on the busy Saturday of Memorial Day weekend led to the decision to eliminate the threat, ultimately killing both dogs. Neither dog had identification tags.

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In a statement released by Heyburn Chief of Police Ryan Bertalotto, he commented that the department has purchased and deployed animal control equipment and is working to develop better plans for animal control solutions.

The officer, who had been on administrative leave during the investigation, will immediately return to active duty.