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Melanoma rates increase in Idaho

Posted at 5:57 AM, May 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 22:22:14-04

BOISE, Idaho — One of the most common and potentially fatal forms of skin cancer is becoming even more prominent throughout Idaho. Dustin Portela, a dermatologist from The Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center says, “melanoma rates have increased in Idaho significantly since the 70’s-it’s been over 3% per year increase” adding, “30-35% of melanoma’s do start within an existing mole”.

Dermatologists use the "A,B,C,D,E" (asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolution) acronym to help patients identify potential concerns, however, melanoma does not have to break those rules in order to show up. The good news is most skin cancers, even melanoma, have an “excellent cure rate” if detected and treated early. To increase your chances of catching these cancers before they become harmful or even lethal, medical professionals encourage people to get checked every year.

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