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Upgrades coming to Charles F. McDevitt Youth Sports Complex

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 05, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — The City of Boise has approved a master plan design for Charles F. McDevitt Youth Sports Complex. The addition will bring a number of new amenities making the park more of a "neighborhood feel" along with the current sports prominent features.

  • A new nature playground, basketball court, bike trails, trees, and more are planned
  • The city of Boise will start its bidding process for a developer in the Fall of 2024

The pond at McDevitt Park is also being stocked for anglers ahead of Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 8.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Whether its skating or scooting, playing baseball or just enjoying a walk, Charles F. Mcdevitt Youth Sports Complex sees a lot of traffic and it's about to get busier.

"It already is an active park and the neighborhood wanted to continue with that theme," said Doug Holloway, director of Parks and Recreation.

"We went through quite the extensive process with the neighborhood. Had almost 900 neighborhood responses," said Holloway.

Those responses will help shape this into this, taking this patch of land and adding several new amenities like a playground, a basketball court, bike trails, a dog park, and more.

"The synergy coming from the baseball side of it but now we will have a really a neighborhood park component in this 10-acre parcel that has been sitting here vacant for quite some time," said Holloway.

Neighbors like Marlene Grabow are excited to see the unused land developed.

"We've been here 25 years'," said Marlene Grabow, Boise resident.

"I love to look over the fence and I love to see the children playing back there in the playground that they have," said Grabow.

"Anything we can do to enhance the education and activity of our youth and children is so beneficial," said Grabow.

Giving the sports complex a neighborhood feel.

"It's basically soccer, its baseball or its youth football. To add the neighborhood component then serves a whole different faction of folks that live within this neighborhood that now have a place they can bring their children ," said Holloway.