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Daycare closure causing chaos for parents and former employees

Posted at 6:39 PM, Feb 06, 2024

WEST BOISE, Idaho — Over the weekend, KidLink Learning Center abruptly closed its doors with less than a 48 hour notice for parents and employees.

  • Parents and employees sent an email the morning of February 6 that KidLink was closed effective immediately
  • The front desk number is no longer receiving responses
  • Parents say there were recent rate increases over the past few months before closure

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

What would you do if you suddenly lost child care? What if you lost your job over a weekend? Those are the questions that people apart of KidLink learning center are having to answer now.

Parents and employees are looking for answers after a local daycare abruptly shut its doors.

"We trusted KidLink with our babies, the most precious thing you have. It's a slap in the face to get an email after trusting your kids to them," said Emily Brown, local Boise mom.

Emily Brown is a mom and nurse who relies on childcare.

"I want to be there for my patients and my kids and not having daycare really gets in the way of that," said Brown.

She along with many other parents was shocked after receiving notice on Saturday that their daycare wouldn't be open the following Monday or any day after that. Effectively immediately, closed indefinitely.

"On a Saturday via email was not the way to do it," said Brown.

"We couldn't believe it. What would shut this down? And the email said it was for financial stuff but even if it's a financial issue, somebody, they give you notice," said Dawn Wickham, local Boise mom.

That email sent out to parents is also posted by the owner on the front door. It reiterates that effective immediately the center is closed. It also references recent rate hikes and how they don't feel comfortable putting a financial burden on families and that they hope they can find child care somewhere else.

Dawn Wickham also relied on KidLink to care for her kid. Now she is looking for day cares, while employees adjust to losing their jobs with less than 48 hours notice.

"It's frustrating to me. I didn't have a job on Monday. I deserve more respect as an employee. So did everyone else that worked here it's not fair," said Callie Sue Costello, former employee at KidLink.

Callie Sue Costello is a Junior at Centennial High school who had been with KidLink for two years until the announcement over the weekend.

"I get if you want to close your center. That's fine. That staff should know, don't send out an email and not tell anybody," said Costello.

"Like I worked for you. You have the respect to tell me when I won't have a job anymore," said Costello.

I attempted multiple times to reach out to KidLink learning center. Knocking on their door, it was locked. Also calling them multiple times with no answer.

Callie also mentioned that staff members at Centennial High School had their kids with them on Monday because they didn't have a daycare to take them to.