Heat is going to hold, but for how long?

As the heat stays locked in, smoke now moves in to the Gem State
Posted at 4:12 AM, Jul 11, 2024

Will this warm weather wavier? Can this heat hold on any longer? Unfortunately July is not going to let up over the next week and a half and now smoke has entered the air.

Triple digits continue into the weekend and the record of nine consecutive days could fall around next week. That record has been set four times with the last being in 2021.

Now we are also monitoring smoke coming from a number of Oregon fires that have brought bad air quality east and the Gem State is the first to see it. The west central mountains will see the most impact with the Treasure Valley soon receiving a share of smoke.

This weekend is also bringing thunderstorms with lighting meaning wildfire season could intensify. A high pressure ridge will ensure heat will stay in the area.

Please be safe when outdoors, making sure to hydrate and not spend extended amount of times outside. This heat can affect anyone and everyone so be wary of the intense weather.