Find out just how hot it will get for your weekend plans

Posted at 4:01 AM, Jun 06, 2024

Lot of clouds are crossing parts of the valley on Thursday and there have been some sprinkles and light showers mixed in the clouds & sun. The sun will increase during the evening with temps in the 80s

The weekend will kick off nice and hot! Temperatures will gradually increase to the mid-90s with late evening showers focusing on higher terrain, SE Oregon, and south of the snake plain. Don't worry to much though sunshine will remain throughout the day. It's best to remain weather aware though if you are camping in the mountains.

It will be very hot with temperatures near 100°! If you have any outdoor activities planned, you're gonna wanna head out early in the morning while temperatures are on the cooler side. Remember to stay hydrated, lather on the sunscreen, and loose fitted clothing is always best when heat like this takes over the afternoon.

A cold front will help us cool off a bit, lowering temperatures to the lower 90s. Showers and storms will be possible on Sunday as well, with clouds increasing through the afternoon.

Treasure Valley Extended Forecast