Find out when comfortable temperatures begin to soar

Highs to top 100°
Posted at 3:53 AM, Jul 01, 2024

More comfortable weather on Monday with temperatures rising to the mid-80s in the valley

Tuesday looks amazing with lows in the mid-50s and highs in the mid-80s. The wind will be lighter and the sky will be very sunny! Sunshine will also return to central Idaho.

Wednesday will be a bit breezy again but bright and sunny with temps still holding in the mid-80s.

By Thursday the 4th of July I expect the valley to climb back close to 90° in the valley with lots of sunshine and no chance of showers. The McCall area should have a high near 78° with a cool evening for fireworks.

Friday will be marked by a noticeable increase in the heat with mid-90s in much of the valley with low-80s in the central mountains. Sunshine will continue to dominate.

This weekend will be hotter with the latest computer guidance indicating it will be between 100°-102° in the valleys. Conditions should be generally calm with no big wind issues.

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