Four days of fabulous (but windy) weather start today!

Posted at 9:26 AM, Mar 31, 2022

NAMPA, Idaho — If you were a fan of Wednesday morning, you're not alone, and good news!

Expect nearly identical conditions for most of your Thursday. Temperatures will be slightly cooler today however they will be pleasant at least in the Treasure Valley where winds will not exceed 15mph.

In the Magic Valley though wind speeds will average 20-30mph, while these winds will be troublesome they are not strong enough to warrant a wind advisory.

Today through Sunday temperatures slowly creep back up into the mid-60's before dropping 8 degrees Monday. With the slight cool down also comes a rain storm that as of now favors 80% of higher terrain.

Thursday Zone Forecasts:

West Central Mountains: Mostly sunny. Highs 34-48. Lows 18-29.

Boise Mountains: Mostly sunny. Highs 38-53. Lows 13-28.

Lower Treasure Valley: Sunny. NW wind 10-15mph. Highs 53-60. Lows 28-34.

Upper Treasure Valley: Mostly sunny. NW wind 15-25mph. Highs 52-57. Lows 26-32.

Western Magic Valley: Mostly sunny. Windy 20-30mph G35mph. Highs 49-54. Lows 28-33,