Our temperature roller-coaster continues with scorching weekend heat

Posted at 3:58 AM, Jun 18, 2024

After an unseasonably chilly Monday with valley rain showers & mountain snow, sunshine has returned to the valley and a warming trend has begun.

Wednesday is my pick day of the week sunshine, very light wind, and comfortable temperatures in the low 80s in the Treasure Valley.

The heat up continues on Thursday with temps topping 90°. There will be some cloud cover increasing during the day but I don't expect any precipitation even in the central mountains.

Friday will be just as hot as Thursday but sunshine will be on the increase in all locations.

If you have outdoor plans this weekend, maybe Meridian Dairy Days, or boating Lucky Peak, whatever you have planned be sure to include a lot of water as valley temperatures in the valley will come close to 100° both days. If you have plans to go to "Rattle in The Canyon" in Riggins it will be just as hot but temperatures will cool nicely during the evening in the park. Meridian Dairy Days is going on the weekend as well so please drink lots of water!

Stay connected right here for updates to my weekend forecast!