Breezy & cooler weather Monday gives way to another sizzling week

Boise temperatures barely topped 90 on Monday but will soar to 100+ for Wednesday and Thursday
Posted at 4:45 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 18:45:07-04

Monday was a relief with temperatures in the upper 80s across much of the valley after a cold front swept through the state Sunday night with gusty breezes.

If you liked the "cooler" weather Monday afternoon you may like Tuesday morning when temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 50s for a cool, comfortable start to the day. You will want to get outside early though since it will be back into the upper 90s by afternoon. Expect sunshine and lighter wind on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday will be sunny, very hot, and dry with temperatures topping 100 valleywide!

On Friday and Saturday, the temperature will dip a bit back into the mid-90s with more sunshine.