Vogel Farms near Kuna doing things the old fashioned way, focusing on community

Posted at 1:48 PM, Aug 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-15 15:48:46-04

KUNA, Idaho — Offering healthy alternatives to the average grocery store, Vogel Farms near Kuna is a family farm with everything from beef to berries — and they are doing it the old fashioned way. At Vogel Farms, they love what they do and that is to offer fresh grown food for your kitchen table.

"We raise the meats, so that we would eat it, healthy, were non G-M-O," said Debra Engelhardt-Vogel.

GMO is a genetically modified organism, or as Engelhardt-Vogel's son-in-law Chris Lister likes to say, "Good in, good out" when referring to what they feed their cattle and chickens.

"I came out here to build this barn with a friend and I never left," Lister said.

Vogel Farms has a lot of chickens — the kind you eat and the kind that provide hundreds of eggs every day. Lister said the process of cleaning and packaging the eggs takes about 90 minutes every day.

"What are you looking for here is the size of the air pocket in the egg, it tells you how old the egg is," he said. "And you look for cracks, and if any are dirty."

It's not just about their grocery store, it's about community. Debra Engelhardt-Vogel said it's not just about their fresh products they offer on-line or in their grocery store, it's about community.

"So all Made in Idaho products, why it is important to you, because I like to support local," Engelhardt-Vogel said.

They offer classes and hay rides that will take visitors around the area, which includes a local winery plus the best tasting scones every Saturday. Every holiday season, they invite all the locals out to meet Santa and Mrs.Claus every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Englelhardt-Vogel said she is so happy with the turnout.

"Last year was amazing, I think everybody deserves to talk to Santa whether they can afford it or not," Englelhardt-Vogel said.

All donations go right back to the community food banks.