Forward Movement Training teaches gun owners personal safety through state of the art simulations

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 26, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — The FBI conducted about 40 million firearm background checks in 2020. That's about 10 million more background checks than in 2019.

According to Smith and Wesson, more than 8 million people nationwide purchased their first guns in 2020. But firearm experts suggest that owning a firearm isn't the only thing that will keep you safe — it's knowing how to use one properly.

That's where people like Andrew Coussens, owner of Forward Movement Training, step in. Coussens is a former federal law enforcement officer and military contractor. He's taking his passion and knowledge and sharing it with people in the Treasure Valley and across the country.

Forward Movement recently expanded its operations and moved to a multi-room building in Boise. The company can now teach simulation, live scenarios, and classroom teachings to all of its clients under one roof. According to their website, their services include:

  • Employee Safety & Workplace Violence Training
  • Emergency Response: Planning & Consulting
  • School Safety & Security: Training & Assessments
  • Place of Worship: Security Team Development & Training
  • Behavioral Threat/Assessments
  • Active Shooter: Detection, Prevention & Response
  • Site Security Evaluations and Assessments

Coussens tells Idaho News 6 that his goal for all clients is for them to be better prepared for the unknown and general risks, have the training to mitigate those risks, and being able to react properly.

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