Pilot explains rescue of injured hiker

Posted at 10:28 PM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-11 00:28:55-04

The Idaho Army National Guard has been busy with civilian rescues lately.
Two in as many days.
Six on Your Side talked with the pilot... who this rescued a man badly injured in the woods of Valley County... About the dangers rescue crews faced.

"The report we got was rafters who got injured." explains Chief Warrant Officer Eric Dillman.
But, he would find out on arrival it was actually a hiker who fell off a rock in Valley County.
"That rock actually ended up on top of him where he came to rest." says Dillman.
The man spent the night on the ground, was stabilized by crews dropped in by cable.
"We had to find a place we could get down low enough to send the hoist down and found a hole between the trees there." says Dillman.

Bad weather made the job even more dangerous, says Dillman, "There was a lot fo valley fog and poor visibility type of weather we had to get around low lying clouds right over the psition where they were at."
The injured hiker was delivered to Cascade for medical care. Just a day earlier, Army National Guard helicopters helped rescue two people trapped by flooding.
The Idaho Army National Guard responds to six to 10 search and rescue incidents each year.