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Will you see chip seal crews in your area? ACHD prepares for yearly road maintenance

Posted at 10:00 PM, May 19, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — Chip seal season is approaching, as ACHD gears up to begin their yearly road maintenance circuit.

  • The 2024 chip seal circuit will cover Zone 5, which spans from Highway 55 to Blacks Creek Rd and the Boise River north to the county line. This includes Boise's North End, Garden City, and northeast Boise.
  • ACHD provides an interactive mapso you can track where you will see chip seal crews in your area.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

"Chip seal is our annual process to preserve the roads. It’s a very simple process: we start by putting emulsion down, then lay chips over the top, and finally go over it with rollers to orient the chips into the roadway," says Deputy Director of Maintenance at ACHD, Jennifer Berenger.

The Ada County Highway District is kicking off its 2024 chip seal season on May 28th. This year, they are focusing on Zone 5, from Highway 55 to Blacks Creek Road, and the Boise River north to the county line. This includes Boise's North End, the City of Garden City, and Northeast Boise.

"If we didn't have this preservation method on the roadways, we’d be looking at more costly repairs," says Berenger.

In preparation for covering the roadways, neighbors will receive pamphlets in the mail, and no parking signs will be placed on affected roads about a day before crews come out.

"The procession comes through; it’s a very quick process. As soon as the train goes by, the roads are open again," says Berenger.

North End resident Richard Blackwell received the chip seal pamphlet, and his biggest concern is parking.

"It requires people to move their vehicles. For some people that’s easy; for some people that’s a little more difficult," says one North End resident.

People have also expressed concerns over possible damage that the chip seal could cause to their cars. ACHD advises, "We ask that when we're in the areas doing chip seal that you slow down because there is fresh chip on the road that could be kicked up with excess speed," says Berenger.

Steven Hanson comes to the North End once a week to ride his bike, and despite concerns over parking, he says, "It’s good because it keeps the roads in good shape, so it needs to be done. Not too big of an inconvenience, I don’t think,” says Hanson.