Young people manning the polls on Election Day

Posted at 8:30 AM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 10:30:23-05

IDAHO — On Election Day, we saw people from all walks of life and ages doing their part to encourage their communities to get out and vote.

Growing concerns over the lack of poll workers due to COVID-19 brought younger faces and busy professionals to polling locations across the Treasure Valley. In Boise, this concern attracted Jess Flynn, the owner of Red Sky PR, to her nearby polling location. Flynn made time in her busy schedule to help out.

“We’re all busy in so many ways, especially right now, and as much as we can find time to practice our civic duty, support others in doing the same," said Flynn. "We have a lot of great employers around Ada County that are really supporting their employees in voting or helping others get out and vote.”

Flynn says her location was busy Tuesday morning but voters were patient, kind and understanding of the process.

At a polling location in Eagle, a 17-year-old student did not let her age keep her away from volunteering. Halley Hoellwarth first heard about volunteer opportunities at polling locations through her grandmother and decided to spend her Tuesday at Eagle Fire Station 1, helping with ballot returns.

Halley says her interest in elections started not that long ago, as she watched the 2016 election play out.

“That was really like the first time I ever noticed politics when I was sitting there watching the votes being counted and then the outcome made me be like okay I need to get involved this matters a lot to me," said Halley.

Halley encourages anyone under the age of 18 interested in getting involved with local government to consider joining their school's student council or look into youth advisory councils within local government.