Wyakin Warrior event draws comic artists to Boise

The annual event raises money for foundation
Posted at 6:15 AM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 08:23:29-05

This weekend some of the biggest names in comics will be in Boise to support the Wyakin Warrior Foundation.
And to bring attention to it, one artist , who says he absolutely loves Boise, focused his strip today on a big pet peeve Boiseans have with the rest of the world.

Pearls Before Swine author Stephan Pastis visited Boise for the first time a few years ago.

"It was great.  I just loved the city.  Love the downtown and the bars and the Basque and the Bar Gernika," said Pastis.

He still has an issue saying Gernika, but a cab driver made sure he knew how to say Boise.

"I thought it was a joke and thought why is he doing that?  Was he putting on an accent? I lived 45 years and never heard someone say Boise.  I still have trouble saying it," he said.

Pastis and some of his pals from the funnies come to Boise every year for an event to benefit the Wyakin Warriors. He'll be at the Grove this weekend for the sold-out Guardian Ball, so Boise was on his mind when he wrote this strip.

"I want you to know that nobody else knows.  The whole rest of the country is not in on the fact," said Pastis.

"Now they are!"  

Yeah, I've given away your secret," said Pastis.

And despite what Rat says, no one's been killed for mispronouncing Boise, even if it does annoy the daylights out of us. There are a few overflow tickets left for the Guardian Ball this weekend.

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The Wyakin Foundation is adding another 14 vets to their program Saturday. Each vet costs $5,000 a year and the benefits to the vets and society are huge.