Wheelstander competition comes to Firebird Raceway for the 23rd Halloween Classic

Doing 90 mph wheelies
Posted at 7:22 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 21:22:42-04

The Halloween Classic is underway at Firebird Raceway.
And the wheelstanding competition on Saturday is both a trick and a treat.
    Because it combines high speeds with literally no steering or visibility.
And that doesn't seem to bother driver Steve Stuart who --11 years ago -- launched his thousand horsepower Chevelle skyward in competition for the first time.
And he's been at it ever since winning eight competitions.
But Stuart doesn't use a wheelie bar to keep the car from flipping despite the fact he's done a wheelie 280 feet at close to 90 miles per hour.
The risk is clear.

"Last year I swapped lanes when I came down and started in the left lane and came down in the right," says Stuart,
"Then panic sets in because you wonder how close you are to the wall."
And that's hard to tell because to hear Stuart tell it, all you see out the windshield is the stars.

"I have a good friend who says if you feel the car turning you'll feel it in the seat of your pants," says Stuart.
That would surely be true for most people only with a slightly messier meaning.
Even for Stuart, wheelies are a leap of faith, "Just a lot of praying, a lot of horsepower and prayer."