West Valley Humane Society's "plea for help"

Posted at 9:59 AM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 18:17:00-04

CALDWELL, Idaho — An email from the West Valley Humane Society this week reads in part:

"We are writing to you with a heavy heart and a lot of apprehension about the future of Animal Welfare in Canyon County. West Valley Humane Society has diligently strived over the past few years to be a leading resource for humans and animals in Canyon County. In the last year we have implemented groundbreaking programs, spayed/neutered just under 4,000 animals and have increased life saving measures to become a “no kill” shelter in 2020 with a life saving rate of over 98% for dogs and 90% for cats leading the State of Idaho."

Like many non-profits across the country, they are noticing a steady decline in funds amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

It cost $5,000 per month to pay for utilities, over $10,000 for medical supplies like vaccines, medication, and surgical equipment and about $2,500 per day for a full staff. All of these expenses are needed to run operations at the West Valley Humane Society efficiently.

According to West Valley Humane Society employee, Brittany Sundell, “we are not in a bad spot right now; we are worried where we are going to be next week.”

Adoptions and donations help fund the expenses of the shelter and it’s community programs. Still, with fewer adoptions and donations in light of the outbreak, the Humane Society is asking for the public’s help.

Monetary donations and adoptions are beneficial, but there are other ways you can help the shelter. The Humane Society is asking for a dog and cat food as well as cleaning supplies. You can find a link to donate here and a link to their Amazon wishlist here.

“You may have noticed in pet stores right now dog food and cat food is kind of gone.” Sundell says. She adds, “if we continue to use the food and we’re not getting donations to catch up with that, we’re worried about what that will look like for our food supply a month from now.”

Should their funds continue to decrease and donations becoming more and more sparse, the West Valley is actively preparing an “emergency program.”

Right now, they’re accepting applications for their emergency volunteer program. You can learn more or apply here.