West Valley Humane Society in need of blankets after heater breaks

Posted at 6:13 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 20:13:30-05

As temperatures drop below freezing, employees at the West Valley Humane Society in Caldwell are trying to keep dozens of dogs warm, after their kennel heater broke last week.

Volunteer Coordinator Angela Taylor says the boiler, which heats from the floors up, started acting up about a month ago.

"As soon as it completely died, our board members and our executive director got on the phone, I'm not kidding, like instantly begging, 'Is there anybody that can help?!'" Taylor said.

They've already ordered a replacement, but Taylor says it will have to travel from New York City.

"That is going to take, oh, a couple of weeks," Taylor said. "Probably the beginning of January is when it'll be in."

Until then, they're relying on support from the community.

Tates Rents and Root Rents offered up temporary space heaters to blow warm air into the kennels, and employees are working to consolidate dogs in areas of concentrated warmth.

They're also seeing a huge outpouring of donations from the community in the form of towels and blankets.

You can drop off donations at 5801 Graye Ln, Caldwell, ID 83607 or make a donation here.