Veterans are heading back to school thanks to local foundation

Posted at 7:26 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 21:26:14-04

It's back to school season for kids, college students and...veterans. Thanks to the Wyakin Warrior Foundation, veterans from all over the country are being put through school and kept in school. Brent Taylor, Executive Director at the foundation tells 6 On Your Side, " we found that about 50% of veterans nationwide that return to school after their service failed to earn their degree because the challenges of transition can be so significant".

Often times the reintegration from life as a soldier to a civilian can be overwhelming with thrown on top of day to day stresses such as attending school. At Wyakin, veterans are provided various services to aid them during any mental, emotional or physical stress.

Stuart Spurlock, a Marine Corpsman just began his freshman year at Boise State this week. He is majoring in electrical engineering and there's one thing he plans on taking from his life in the marines into civilian life, "I'm gonna take away my determination to get the job done...".

With Spurlock embarking on his new endeavor, fellow veterans, Tommy Montgomery is entering his final semester of school before earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering in the fall. Tommy encourages fellow veterans seeking to earn their degree too, "just do it, don't let all these people tell you you can't cause the only one holding you back is yourself."

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