Treasure Valley teens hope to break world record

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jan 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-09 23:35:31-05

Some valley teens are hoping to break a world record, and they had a lot of people helping to make it happen.

"All four basketball courts are going to be filled," said Hayden Cooper, a board member for the organization One Stone.

People spread out across the gymnasium at the YMCA Homecourt in Meridian Saturday in an attempt to break the world record for the largest post-it note mural.

"We have been working on this since mid summer, so we have developed a grid system and a whole way to put them down," said Vice President of One Stone Matt Wiggins.

One by one the teens are placing down the post-it notes, and in the end it will reveal their motto.

"What were spelling is disrupt for good, which is our motto that kind of summarizes how we go out in the community and essentially disrupt the community in a good way," said Wiggins.

The group is a part of One Stone, a student led nonprofit that helps make students better leaders all while helping the community.

Even though one might not think that a post-it note mural could help make the community a better place, the One Stone students disagree.

"I remember as a little kid  I would read the Guinness world record book a thousand times over, so if just one person could hear our moral and spread good it would be an amazing difference," said Cooper.

They've spent months thinking about what they are going to do, and planning exactly how they planned on executing the daunting task, but there were some things that they didn't think about.

"When you conceptualize it, it is very different. One of the things you don't factor in is the back pain," said Cooper.

With the help of tons of volunteers, the students hope to be able to take away the world record by Sunday.

"Our goal is to put down 320 thousand," said Wiggins.

Then the clean up will begin.

"I was joking. I was saying we should get a snow shovel and just rake them all off," said Cooper.

The post it notes are not just going in the recycling after the project is over.

The students plan on writing message on each of the notes, and then giving them out across the treasure valley, hoping to inspire a kindness movement.