These holiday treats DO-NUT disappoint

Posted at 2:17 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 16:17:25-05

If you love donuts and you love the holiday season, then you will really love Donut Daze’s festive holiday donuts. Donut Daze keeps their menu simple yet exciting only offering donut flavors like chocolate, vanilla, old-fashion, and buttermilk. But depending on the month you may even find a specialty flavor like blueberry, apple or pumpkin. Donut Daze although simple is unique with their donut designs. 

Feeling a little bit of holiday cheer herself, manager Natasha Erdmann “takes charge” when it comes to brainstorming fun and festive creations. This morning we saw Santa Claus (red and white vanilla icing with white coconut shavings to add texture to the man’s beard), a reindeer (vanilla frosting with chocolate antlers), and a personal favorite peppermint sprinkle. The peppermint sprinkle is a vanilla cake donut dipped in vanilla frosting, coated with peppermint pieces mixed with red and green sprinkles and topped with chocolate drizzle. I tried it and YUM! 

Each holiday donut will appear at least once a day, but if one of your holiday faves isn’t available don’t worry, Donut Daze has plenty of back up options even more delicious and ambitious than the Christmas Donuts

Take a look at their menu and be your family, friends or co-workers favorite person by picking up a box. For more on Donut Daze click here.