The world's most famous dinosaur has arrived in Boise.

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 00:19:23-05

And it only took 120 crates to get her here. The original Sue is 12 feet tall and 42 feet long. That means the replica that just arrived required some special accommodations.

"We had to remove the lighting grids and do some renovations to fit her in the building." says Ashten Goodenough with the Discovery Center. Piece by piece, this traveling replica of the world's most famous dinosaur is going together. A pelvis here, a leg bone there.

"This is the largest T-rex ever found," says Goodenough "so we're excited to bring something so big to Boise." The original Sue resides in the Field Museum in Chicago.
It took years of legal battles to resolve ownership issues. But now she is the museum's top draw.

And likely the Discovery Center's too. "This is the biggest exhibition we've ever had. Bigger than a school bus." The pieces of Sue and her accompanying exhibits came in three trucks.
Huge plates are required for assembly. And you can see her for yourself starting Saturday and running through May 7th.

The Field museum bought Sue for 8.4 million dollars. The skeleton has more than 250 bones and teeth. Speaking of teeth, they tell how old the beast was -  just like rings on a tree. Sue, was 28 years old.