The Kuna School District is facing challenges due to its rapidly growing school districts

Posted at 5:20 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 20:15:03-04

KUNA, Idaho — The Kuna School District continues to face challenges due to its rapidly growing population. The city of Kuna has become a popular destination for families to settle in within the last few years.

The District tells us they need additional funds to address the need for more schools and more classrooms.

Kuna High School, being the only stand-alone high school, is facing major challenges due to its overcrowding.

"The halls can be very anxiety-inducing for students, and kids are tardy to class regularly, even just waiting in line for the bathroom," said Julia Sharkey, a Kuna School teacher.

Sharkey teaches Graphic Design and Business at Kuna High. Over her 7 years at the school, she's seen plenty of changes. When Sharkey started teaching in Kuna she had her own classroom. But now she says she has to share the space.

"I'm a traveling teacher now and only get my room for two class periods a day, so I carry equipment and props around the school with me," said Sharkey.

In March the district asked voters to approve a $111.4 million bond to build new schools, but it failed to gain approval. Now the district is trying to adjust, explaining that they'll have to add more students to each class.

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"It's hard to find desks or seats, so it's really big, really crowded, lots of students, probably 30 to 40 students in a class," said Hailey Heindel, the Student Body President.

Teachers tell us some classrooms have so many students that not everyone can sit at a table. "I think that I probably would've had a different learning experience if I would've had 20 kids in a class," said Heinley.

Kuna High has added portable classrooms to try and address the need.

"But as more students have come into the school, we have actually needed more portables and more classrooms. I've shared this classroom with one other teacher, just about every year," said Kyle McCaughey, Kuna High School History teacher.

McCaughey teaches in one of the portable classrooms and says it's challenging teaching so many students in such a small space. "And with 42 kids, it's tough to be able to reach every kid and reach every need that they have at all times inside the room,” said McCaughey.

Kuna High School has more than 1,500 students and expects that number to keep growing rapidly as more families move in.