The Kiln building is a new concept that encourages co-working space for local businesses

Posted at 4:24 PM, Apr 20, 2022

The American workforce is constantly changing with the times, and after two years of dealing with COVID-19, many office spaces will never go back to the way things were.

There's a company located right in the center of the Treasure Valley that began as a concept before the pandemic and has exploded with new growth opportunities for a wide range of individuals and groups.

It's called Kiln. By definition Kiln is an oven or furnace for processing a substance by burning and drying. Much like those furnaces, ideas are fostered and sculpted on the Kiln building.

"It's kind of where people come together. When you come here you not only have an office, this environment is meant to inspire, create connections and network," said Jennifer Trammel, Kiln's community director. "It's meant to be a hub for Meridian and Boise so people can come up with all sorts of ideas and find like minded people into create with."

Kiln, located in Eagle View Landing at I-84 and Eagle Road, not only provides work space through different kinds of memberships, they also offer a long list of amenities Kiln encourages both big and small, and small to become big.

"You start off with two people, you add two more, you can move into a four person office, and another two, and move into a six person office, you can grow with Kiln," she said.

Kiln's idea of flexible work space started in Utah, expanded to Colorado and now in Idaho. They are officially open and open to your ideas.