The Idaho State Museum will commemorate Día de Los Muertos with a series of events

Posted at 4:25 PM, Oct 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-20 18:25:10-04

BOISE, Idaho — Traditionally, Mexican families celebrate Dia de Los Muertos on November 1st and November 2nd. Families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drinks, and celebration.

The Idaho State Museum will commemorate Dia de Los Muertos, also known as the 'Day of the Dead,' with events from October 21st through October 26th.

"So we want to make sure we represent all stories, all the diverse stories here in Idaho, and this is just one of them we would like to commemorate," said Liz Hobson, Museum Administrator for the Idaho State Museum.

While many regions worldwide celebrate Día de Los Muertos, every culture and region celebrates differently. The Idaho State Museum will kick off the celebration with a Guatemalan tradition, and they will have a kite-making workshop known as Barriletes Gigantes on October 21st.

"Kites are flown over cemeteries to honor and communicate with the deceased loved ones, as part of Día de Los Muertos," said Liz Hobson.

On October 23rd, they will continue their tradition of screening the Disney film Coco by showing it in English and Spanish. To end their celebration on October 26th, they will offer a hands-on Ofrenda workshop. An ofrenda is an offering placed on a home altar intended to welcome the deceased to the altar setting.

"This is such a significant and cultural holiday that we really wanted to commemorate since it's such a big part of the Hispanic community here in Idaho," said Liz Hobson.

If you want to learn about the events, visit the Idaho State Museum website or call them at (208) 334-2120.