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State of 208: Mountain Home's urban renewal

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jan 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-24 22:50:25-05

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho — You can see it, and hear it in his voice. Mayor Rich Sykes is so proud of his town and dreams about where it can go.

"We're the town of why can't we, if we don't ask the question the answer will always be no. Our mantra is one town, one team," says Mayor Sykes.

A little over a year ago Sykes said the downtown core needed a little T.L.C.

Enter the hub, an area downtown where people can come a meet and have a little fun. Sykes likes to call it the living room of downtown.

"The community is really loving it right now they'll definitely be loving it this summer when we can do art in the park and live after five so we can close of that street and the rest of the asphalt and sidewalks then they'll really be loving it."

And if you like freak alley in downtown Boise, you're going to love their community campus art project.

"That was started by our fantastic art teacher Brenda Robb, I guess we're now known as the mural capitol of Idaho because we have so many murals downtown and there is some amazing work down there."

If you can paint a picture on getting through the pandemic, Sykes says Mountain Home going to make it.

"Actually with the changes to downtown we were able to open up four new businesses and two of them are veteran owned."

And if owning a home is your dream, Mayor Sykes says Mountain Home is open for business.

"Our broadband task force is amazing. We want to make sure Mountain Home is competitive in the global market, now and in the future.
We're getting ready to light up 150 homes and businesses by the end of 2021."