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State of 208: Kuna P.A.L. has a plan to deal with growth

Posted at 10:46 PM, May 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 00:51:58-04

KUNA, Idaho — With the kids getting out of school over the next couple of weeks, the mad scramble starts for parents looking for fun and healthy activities for their children.

In Kuna, where they are experiencing rapid growth, the Police Activities League has taken the lead in bolstering summer sports programs. President of Kuna P.A.L. Erica Kallin knows first hand what it's like in Kuna over the next three months.

"I'm a mom myself. I've got two boys, I don't want them sitting in the house, I want them getting out," Kallin said. "We have a lot of kids who play football and we've talked to them and you want to talk about a sport that's going to prep your kids for football, it's lacrosse. It's the fastest sport on two feet."

Kuna Police Chief Jon McDaniel says now is the time for P.A.L. to stay ahead of the game and continue to step forward by encouraging participation.

"We're growing very quickly and we see a lot of parents who are trying to make ends meet, and sometimes they can't,' McDaniel said. "We work with parents, knowing their children can get positive mentors in the program. It's really important to keep our country safe and healthy."

So get ready, because if Kuna P.A.L. can get enough interest, it'll be time to get your stick and helmet, and get ready to be the best attacker, defender, or goal keeper in town. As Kuna grows, P.A.L. officials hope they can keep pace, especially during the summer.

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