State of 208: The road to Emmett

Posted at 8:11 PM, Sep 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 00:44:40-04

One of Don Nelson's favorite views in the entire Treasure Valley is looking down into Emmett from Freezout Hill, but getting in and out of town on State Highway 16 can be both frustrating and dangerous.

Officials in Emmett say they are open for business but one of the concerns they have is getting to and from their town. Sheriff Chuck Roland has worn many hats in this community, but as sheriff, he knows it's something Gem and Ada counties have to keep a close eye on.

"The highway itself is not a bad highway, it's the amount of traffic on the highway," Roland says. "We're all for growth and we would say come to our town it's a good community to live in low crime and the people who live in low crime and the people who live here are just great."

Sheriff Roland figures at least sixty percent of Emmett's workforce drive over that hill every day, to the tune of about 20 thousand vehicles a day.

Christa Coles is the Executive Director of the Emmett Chamber of Commerce. She says she hopes continued pressure on the state will get additional lanes and added.

"It would not only be from a safety factor but also for our economic development," Coles says. 

Like so many other Idaho communities, Emmett is reaping the benefits of our state's popularity around the country.

"I am confident Emmett is going to have continuous growth, we may see an uptick in that but I know we're going to have more housing coming in," Coles says.

If you do come into Emmett, take Sheriff Roland's advice.

"I think most of the problems come from passing, and passing when they should not pass," Roland says.