State of 208: Energize our Neighborhoods

Posted at 5:05 PM, Aug 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-05 00:16:51-04

BOISE, Idaho — Happy neighborhoods make a happy city.

That seems to be the belief behind the city Boise's Energize our Neighborhood program, a program that partners the city with businesses, non-profits, and residents to improve the place we call home.

Energize our Neighborhoods started in 2014, where they first focused on Vista Avenue because it's considered the gateway to the city for visitors flying into town.

That's when the idea took off.

Melinda McGoldrick, the program's program manager says it's working.

"We started working with residents and asked them what's important to them, what do they value about their neighborhood.," McGoldrick said. "What are the strengths, and what type of projects they would want to work on together to strengthen their neighborhood."

One area where there's talk of a beautification project is in West Boise.

Ron Marler is the president of the West Bench Neighborhood Association, and Marler says they wanted to do something about a vacant strip of land across the street from Capital High School.

It's property owned by the Settlers Irrigation District.

"It's an entrance to our neighborhood," Marler said. "When people come up the hill on Goddard this is the first impression they get of the West bench. "

There are other neighborhoods that are watching this very closely to see how they might work with canal companies.

Melinda McGoldrick sees the potential.

"It's an opportunity to beautify the entrance, clean up trash, add some landscaping and make this space that the neighbors can be proud of," McGoldrick said. "And the fact that September is "Neighborhood Month" in Boise, now's the time to look up and down your streets, and see what you can do to energize your neighborhood."