State of 208: Boisedev

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-08 00:34:11-04

BOISE, Idaho — There's no shortage on the coverage of Idaho's booming growth, specifically in the Treasure Valley.

Whether it's housing, bumper to bumper traffic, or crowed classrooms, there's literally a story right around the corner that needs to be told.

In this week's State of 208, Don Nelson sits down with the creator of social media site that has every inch of this valley covered.

Don Day is an award winning journalist who has been following news in the Treasure Valley for over twenty years. He launched Boisedev full time in 2016.

"It can be little things like a store opening,or big things that look at the impact of growth in our community and how we're trending," Day said. "It's very similar to what you do with State of 208 but even more granular digging deep in the challenges and changes that we're facing here in the area."

One main topic of discussion that has caught the attention of a lot of people has been the proposed new library and stadium projects in Boise.

And the grassroots effort by the group "Boise Working Together" to give citizens more of a say on future city projects of a large scale.

Day says it puts the City Council in a pretty tricky spot.

"Because the petition didn't say, well this is going to be a natural vote on these projects," Day said. "All it did was to say in the future if these projects come up, the citizens should have a vote on that. If a capitol improvement is greater than twenty five million dollars, we will hold a public hearing and we will have the option to a special election."

There's nothing too big or small that Boisedev won't take a look at.

For instance, there's serious talk that a well know developer wants to tee up a project on the south side of the Eagle interchange.

Day adds, "we don't know it's a Top Golf, a Top Golf style, the developer Tommy Ahlquist has not said it'll be a Top Golf, even though there are only a couple of competitors."

So we'll check in with Don Day periodically so see what he's writing about in Boisedev, and down the road team up on certain issues.