Sherman Elementary's implementation of Apple technology has named them an Apple Distinguished School

Posted at 4:48 PM, Oct 11, 2022

NAMPA, Idaho — Sherman Elementary School has been honored as an Apple Distinguished school. The honor recognizes the school’s dedication to seeking out the latest platforms and Apple products to deepen and enhance students’ understanding and improve engagement.

“Our students in Nampa, Idaho could learn coding, could learn robotics, can learn all those concepts that are going to play a part in the job market when they are older,” said Jennifer Miller, Principal of Sherman Elementary.

Students at Sherman Elementary are introduced to Apple products as early as kindergarten. Gradually increasing the student's screen time and devices throughout the years.

“We write on them, we measure on them like how tall things are,” said Leia Paul, a 1st-grade student.

Students have different learning styles, and iPads can serve as a multipurpose learning tool allowing them to use iPads for just about every subject.

“There is another app called cursive writing and you can learn how to write cursive,” said Kaelani Orantes, a 3rd-grade student.

These Apple devices have been an integral part of becoming a STEM-focused school. Since giving all students iPads to use during school there has been a noticeable significant increase in engagement and participation. The implementation of a wide variety of 3D printers, robotics, and other tools has been able to enhance STEM learning.

“Students come in like, 'let's do STEM we are ready for STEM,' and they are excited to do it. So, I feel like there are things that might have been really hard for some students to get previously because it's hands-on and it's more engaging. They love to do it,” said Josephine Fisher, a 3rd-grade teacher.

The technology being used allows speech-to-text, split screen, and other accessibility features that make learning personal for students.