Residents displaced after Arbor Crossing fire report thieves stole thousands from vacant units

Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 19:33:45-05

Five days before Christmas and ten days after a deadly apartment fire, residents in the Arbor Crossing apartment complex now say they're victims of a robbery.

By appointment, residents in the affected building are returning to gather belongings, only to find their doors pried open and valuables stolen.

"When I looked in my jewelry box I noticed that all of my jewelry was gone," Michelle Ybarra said. "Then I went in my son's room and his clothing was taken, along with a lot of his games."

Ybarra says her stolen belongings are probably worth $700-$800. She and another mother affected say the most valuable stolen items are their children's social security cards, birth certificates and a certificate of citizenship.

"At this point, my kids are okay, I'm okay, everything can be replaced but those documents that were taken," Ybarra said. "They can't be replaced and my kids' identity is in crisis now because all that stuff is floating around. Whoever took it I just hope they have enough decency to give that back."

Ybarra said she reported the robbery to Boise Police and housing management Monday, but on Tuesday additional residents returning for belongings noticed they, too, were victims.

Three police reports have been filed, reporting missing jewelry, clothing, games, and at least one 50-inch Smart TV worth more than $600 alone.

Residents tell 6 On Your Side they want answers from the apartment complex as to why security wasn't closely monitoring the vacant units. We've been directed by office personnel to reach out to their corporate spokesperson, who has not yet returned our request for information.