Report shows how many people moved to Idaho in recent years

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Posted at 10:43 AM, May 04, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — Aninteractive report from CBRE, a giant real estate services company, shows how many people moved to Idaho in the past few years. The report focuses on how resident migration patterns are changing as a result of COVID-19 and uses data from the U.S. Postal Service to show where people are choosing to live.

Moves to nearby cities

In Ada County, 6,384 people moved within 100 miles in 2019 and 7,394 people moved the same distance in 2020. 35,147 people moved to another location in Ada County in 2019 and 37,084 in 2020, a 5.5% difference.

Canyon County also shows a large number of people moving within 100 miles, 4,627 people in 2019 and 4,911 in 2020. 10,923 people moved within Canyon County in 2019 and 11,436 in 2020.

Twin Falls County showed interesting numbers, with 151 people moving more than 500 miles away in 2019 and 221 in 2020, a 46.4% difference. 827 people moved within 100 miles in 2019 and 912 in 2020, only a 10.3% change.

Twin Falls County.PNG

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Urban core move-outs

The report says the movement of people from high-density, high-cost places to low-cost ones is not unique but in 2020, the magnitude of the trend is "striking." Address changes out of dense zip codes was the norm across the entire United States. The report says America's most densely populated zip codes account for 27% of the population.

Suburban, exurban and rural zip codes, on average, saw more move-ins over the past year.

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Move-out pacing during 2020

USPS data shows an increase in moves starting in Q2 2020 compared to 2019 data. The report says since most apartment leases roll in the second and third quarters of the year, these numbers are not entirely surprising.

For the Boise Metro area, the numbers went up drastically in Q2 and then went down steadily. Semirural areas saw a steady increase throughout the year, as did the suburban areas. Rural areas remained somewhat steady, with a drop between Q1 and Q2.

boise quarters.PNG

Who is moving to and from the Boise area?

The report shows the majority of people moving to the Boise area are other Idahoans. 61,099 people from Idaho made moves to the Boise area in 2019 and 64,493 moved in 2020. 61,089 people moved from the Boise area in 2019 and 65,034 in 2020.

California is the second-highest state moving to Boise. 7,900 people moved in 2019 and 10,073 in 2020. 1,561 people moved from the area to California in 2019 and 1,597 in 2020.

The third and fourth-highest states moving to Boise are Washington and Oregon. 2,285 people from Washington moved to the Boise area in 2019 and 2,776 in 2020. 1,533 people left the Boise area for Washington in 2019 and 1,380 in 2020.

Oregon numbers show 2,042 moved in 2019 and 2,332 moved in 2020. 1,604 people moved to Oregon in 2019 and 1,591 in 2020.