Principal going the extra mile to give his students consistency

Posted at 6:11 AM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 08:11:16-04

BOISE, Idaho — Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 250 students at Rolling Hills Public Charter School started their day at 8 a.m, reciting things like the pledge of allegiance and anti-bullying statement. Thanks to their Principal, Shane Pratt, they’re still doing it; just a little differently.

Pratt says, “I’ve needed to make decisions about our school and helping kind of keep a thing that my kids can count on is me being consistent.”

With all of his students continuing their school work online, Pratt went the extra mile to ensure his students kept their “new” routine as close to their “old” one as possible.

Every weekday morning, at 8 a.m, Pratt starts a Facebook live on the school’s Facebook page going through the pledge of allegiance, anti-bullying statement, and the mantra of the day. In light of recent changes, Pratt also picked up a new mantra for his students, informing them that amid the COVID-19 outbreak, “Kindness is the Cure.”

Principal Pratt says that as much as this is for his students, this daily ritual has helped him too. Since their temporary closure, Pratt says, “I found myself kind of at a loss.”

Pratt tells 6 On Your Side that his father, a former master educator for over 30 years, offered advice before passing away seven months ago. That advice helping him make decisions for his school, “don’t focus on what you can’t do; focus on what you can do … and use this as a teachable moment”.