Preparing for severe spring weather

Preparing for severe spring weather
Posted at 3:55 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 17:55:34-04

While scientists are debating how wind might affect the spread of the coronavirus, Chief Meteorologist Scott Dorval is watching the wind forecast very closely so it doesn’t create a different issue for you during this pandemic.

Now that spring has arrived, the potential for severe weather is increasing. With many of us having stocked up our freezer with some extra items, the last thing want is a power outage to spoil our supplies. While thunderstorm winds can take down some power lines, Idaho Power ensures that long-duration outages are not that common.

“On average, the average Idaho Power customer is without power for fewer than two hours per year. Sometimes in the case of extreme weather outages can last a for several hours," said Brad Bowlin, Idaho Power. "Most of our outages are significantly less than two hours”

Idaho Power says if you do experience an outage frozen food can last for hours especially if you have a deep freezer out in the garage where it is cooler. Regardless of your set-up here is one thing they recommend besides just keeping the freezer door closed.

"We do encourage people to keep a block of ice in there.Obviously with folks stocking up right now those things might be full already," Bowlin said. "But if you’ve got room keep a block of ice in there, that will help to keep things colder even if the power goes out”

While there is no severe weather in the forecast right now, if outages do occur during this COVID-19 pandemic, Idaho Power will be ready to respond.

"As an essential service, designated essential service we are still out working hard to provide safe reliable power from an outage restoration standpoint we are operating business as usual," Bowlin stated.

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