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Disc golf continues to grow in popularity as Idaho now has more than 100 courses

Posted at 3:36 PM, Apr 27, 2022

The Idaho Parks & Recreation Department recently opened a brand new disc golf course at Niagara State Park west of Twin Falls along the Snake River. Now they have 11 courses with plans to build more.

In a recent survey on outdoor recreation, disc golf cracked the top 10 on amenities people would like to see more of.

Here is the survey:

  1. Camping 51.4%
  2. Fishing Docks 42.4%
  3. Mountain Bike Trails 30.9%
  4. Archery Range 29%
  5. OHV Areas 28.5%
  6. Hunting/Shooting Areas 26.5%
  7. Skateparks 22.8%
  8. Disc Golf 21.2%
  9. Equestrian Trails 17.7%

"It has taken off and it is a wonderful fit for what we do at State Parks, it’s not loud recreation, it is fun and it gets you out and about," said Craig Quintana. "Respondents said they would like to see more disc golf facilities around the state."

Idaho Parks and Recreation have courses all over the state including five at Farragut State Park. Lake Walcott State Park east of Twin Falls will host the Idaho State Championship, a PDGA sanctioned tournament at the end of August. The course at Massacre Rocks State Park is well-established and locally there is Eagle Island State Park, which hosted the first Tier-Atournament in the Treasure Valley last summer.

The course at Ann Morrison Park is typically busy, but there are plenty of disc golf courses throughout the Treasure Valley.

For a more strenuous course, the Army Corps of Engineers manages Lydle Gulch near Lucky Peak Reservoir. This area features two 20-hole courses with a bunch of elevation, it is usually pretty breezy with the wind blowing through the gorge, but these courses offer a different type of experience.

Disc golf is one of those sports anybody can do because it is affordable — Ann Morrison and Lydle Gulch are free — people can also access the State Parks for an annual fee of $10.

The equipment is also affordable, and most players have a bag full of discs they carry when they play. Those interested can even find discs locally at 208 Discs off Vista on the bench not too far from Ann Morrison.

Plus disc golf gives people a way to get outside and get some exercise — like hiking with a purpose.

"It’s an excuse to be out," said Quintana, who also enjoys playing disc golf. "I think there is an old Mark Twain line golf is a good walk spoiled, it’s actually the other way around — it’s a good walk enhanced."

People also need to be aware that it is tick season in Idaho. Ticks can be anywhere from Eagle Island to the foothills to Lydle Gulch. It is a good idea to check for them on yourself and on your dogs.