Ontario city officials announce their final ruling on marijuana sales

Posted at 12:25 AM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 14:47:41-04

It’s no secret that marijuana is legal throughout the state of Oregon, however, every city is given the opportunity to decide whether or not they’d like to legalize the sale of it. 

On Tuesday night, Ontario’s city hall was filled with members of the community who were waiting to hear the final ruling for the sales of marijuana. According to Ontario Mayor, Ron Verini, “what we did is we rejected the initiative which also put the whole initiative on the ballot with and including the three percent tax.” 

In other words, had officials accepted the initiative, marijuana sales would become legal with a 3% tax and no votes needed. But because officials rejected the initiative, the initiative it will head to the ballots in November giving the public control to make a final decision with their peers about what is best for the community.

Both supporters and non-supporters of this agenda seemed content with the Mayor and his council’s ruling. Come November, voters will be able to vote for or against dispensaries in the area and will have a say on the 3% sales tax that could potentially be added to marijuana sales. If approved, the 3% tax would go towards funding the first responders of Ontario.